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Original Blend -1lb (Whole Bean)

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Product Description: Kodikas' one and the only signature blend. Coffee You Can Drink Like Tea. Our original blend will give you a silky smooth, non acidic, clean finish with very refreshing aftertaste…it's so easy to drink that it's almost drinking a cup of "tea".
Neither too dark nor strong, and not acidic at all, yet it still gives you a nice flavor with great coffee aroma —a perfect balance that pleases both daily and occasional coffee drinkers…or even a tea drinker!

Tasting Notes: Silky Smooth, Refreshing, Well-Balanced

Origin: 3-Origin Blend (Colombian, Ethiopian, Honduran)

Roaster: Veritas Coffee Co. (Manassas, VA)

Varietal: 100% Arabica Beans

Roast: Medium

Perfect for: Morning & Mid-afternoon for you to relax and take a break! We also aimed our blend to be something that you don't need to mix with milk, sugar, or sweetener (you can, if you want to!) We recommend you to try our coffee "black" first to see if you like it :)

Preferred brewing method: We specifically designed this coffee for both coffee lovers and occasional drinkers. Whether you use a standard coffeemaker at home or brew with French press, pour over…etc., you can enjoy its great flavor and silky-smoothness!
However, we do NOT recommend using our coffee for Espresso due to its refined flavor and how it is designed.

Size: 16 oz./1lb/453g Whole Bean Coffee
(Please note that our coffee bag is slightly bigger than what you usually see at grocery stores, 12oz bags)

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