About Us

About Us

Excessive stress is harming your health. You know this. But providing a good life for yourself and your family leaves you barely enough time to sleep, let alone relax. 

Tension is palpable, both for you and the people around you. Your family and loved ones, your employer and coworkers—they all experience the brunt of your stress, sometimes with disruptive and destructive outcomes.

What makes our coffee and business philosophy more unique than others is that Kodikas Coffee was designed and created by a mental health professional. Having a background in mental health counseling and wellness consulting specializes in stress management, our original vision started with an idea of developing a simple relaxation tool that everyone can use anytime. 

*please visit "Our coffee and relaxation" page for more details

Kodikas Coffee's goal is to provide you a simple way to relax and unwind from your daily stress at home or work…in the morning or afternoon when you sip our gorgeous coffee. 

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Kodikas Coffee LLC

3033 Wilson Blvd Suite E-171

Arlington VA 22201