Our Coffee & Relaxation

Our Coffee & Relaxation

Kodikas Coffee believes that coffee provides 3 important aspects of stress management.

Rest: Gives an opportunity to actually have a break. Even if it's short, your mind and body simply need time to refresh and recharge.

Recreation: Brewing coffee actually can be recreational as there is a wide range of equipments and methods that people can choose from. Whether it's a simple method or fancier, more complicated one, finding your favorite (and trying out) brewing method can be fun! Furthermore, finding your favorite coffee/blend can be recreational. There are so many different kinds out there and each tastes different (and each will taste different based on how you brew it as well)!

Relaxation: You are what you eat, and what you put in your mouth can certainly affect your ability to unwind and de-stress. For example, when people eat/drink something refreshing and sweet, their moods can be uplifted. Imagine smelling freshly brewed coffee and you are about to taste a nice cup of coffee with gorgeous flavor…and throw in your favorite baked good? Wouldn't this make you feel happier or put a smile on your face? Sometime it can be as simple as that to de-stres yourself!

Our signature Original Blend is a kind of coffee blend that people can drink whether it's in the early morning or mid-afternoon, at home or work, whether you are a daily drinker or an occasional drinker. We specifically designed our coffee to give you silky-smooth, well balanced, refreshing flavor. "Coffee you can almost drink like tea"— Neither too dark nor strong, and not acidic, our customers should be able to drink it without mixing sugar, milk, or other sweetener because of its refinement and smoothness.

Our Coffee does NOT have any additives, artificial flavors, chemicals, boosts or performance enhancers like energy drinks do. Our coffee is not like common energy drinks or wellness food products with additives. It really is just a great coffee blend, focusing on great flavor that hopefully many people will enjoy...

A local roaster in Virginia ans Kodikas teamed up to create this perfect coffee for you to relax and enjoy soothing, refreshing flavor to set your mind at ease.